Consulting Services

Offering a wide range of consulting services starting from event planning and management, venue research and negotiation, food and beverage planning, bridge work when your team is short staffed, all the way to event department start-ups & restructuring. We are dedicated to provide you with knowledge and excellent service to exceed your expectations on your very important project.

Software Expertise

The main platform to a successful event department is to have the right event software. You need the ability to juggle multiple events, a mass amount of inquiries, track sales, produce branded menus, proposals, internal communication documents and more.

There are dozens of event software companies in the world with hundreds of different software versions. Our team has done the research and by understanding your venue’s exact needs, we will provide you with concrete recommendations for the software that will work for your business. Why waste your valuable time researching all the different platforms, versions, pricing and tools available with each software (many that your company may not need and may not work with your business model) when we have done this for you? Contact our event profs today for a consultation.

Department Start-Ups

Are you opening a new venue or restaurant with event capabilities?
Do you have an existing venue or restaurant and are tired of seeing clients walk out the door without booking?
Need help integrating event software into your daily practices or deploying your department to the rest of your organization?

If so, turn to us to provide guidance and support in opening your new event department. Our team will adopt your brand identity and location needs to foster simplified processes and procedures for event bookings to ensure your location is set up for optimal success. Events do not plan themselves, neither does opening a new department, trust in us to cover all your start up needs.

“Supply” Event Professionals

During your restaurant or venues peak season, do you ever find yourself short on support for event planning and execution? Maybe one of your team members is taking a vacation, has taken a sick leave or demand is just too high for your current team to handle. One of the unique services we offer at ATW Events is bridge work to provide you with an event expert to join your team for a short term. Our team is highly adaptable, skilled, versatile and will require little training to jump in and help in any situation.

Need a “supply” event professional? Contact us today.